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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

In earlier days of AdSense birth, an option for editing payee name was available in AdSense account interface for all countries including Pakistani and Indian publishers, but later, people started misusing this feature. Several people started selling AdSense accounts to others after getting them verified and by changing the payee name as the approval of AdSense accounts was easier in earlier days. But then AdSense realized the misuse of payee name editing feature and disabled this feature for Pakistani, Indian and some other select countries’ publishers.
After unavailability of payee name modification feature, the business of buying and selling Google AdSense accounts dramatically discouraged. In addition to this, Google made the approval process much harder. These days, several people are out there who are still investing money for purchasing Google AdSense accounts from others. For this purpose, they pay someone else to open an AdSense account for them and purchase the account when it gets approved on the website / blog of the account creator.
But this isn’t a permanent solution. I’m writing this article solely to make you understand that paying anyone else to get an approved AdSense account isn’t the final solution and you will never get success with any AdSense account obtained through this way.

So What is the Permanent Solution?

The permanent solution is to make your website AdSense friendly first, then you will get an approved AdSense account for free and the account will stay with you in long run. If Google is giving you the account for free, then why are you going to pay someone for this purpose?
Remember that if your site is AdSense friendly and has all the features expected by AdSense, then you will get an approved AdSense account easily. Otherwise never. AdSense account will get disabled soon after you will apply the ads over your blog after purchasing the account from someone else. The reason is, your blog doesn’t comply with AdSense needs and AdSense bots are powerful and smart enough to evaluate the website’s content in depth.

Getting AdSense Approved

So if you are facing difficulty in getting an approved AdSense account, never think about purchasing it from anyone else. Instead look over your website or blog and see for below mentioned factors.
Content Type: Content type is the first factor which results in either approval or disapproval of AdSense accounts. For example if you are running a blog where you are sharing just about your personal life, then AdSense may not approve it. AdSense is a business and it approves websites and blogs according to advertisers’ demand.
The most popular niches these days are health and fitness, technology niche, internet marketing, blogging, SEO, education, freelancing guides, telecom and reviews about different products. If you are running a blog or website which is relevant with popular businesses, then you will get an AdSense account with extreme ease.
Website Structure: If your website is difficult to be crawled and navigated by both your visitors and AdSense crawlers, it is rejected. To ensure that your website gets approved, build a good navigation menu and internal linking structure. I receive a lot of emails on how to build internal linking structure. The answer is, across your blog, several posts are related with each other. So while writing any post, when a keyword is repeated which relates to an already published post on your blog, hyperlink it and put the link of that old post behind the keyword.
For example, look at the top of this article, I have hyperlinked “editing payee name” and have put the link of an old post on my blog. The more you improve internal linking like this, the more your website gets easier to be crawled by search engines. AdSense bots are similar to search engine crawlers and you are benefited in two ways. AdSense approval gets easier and secondly, your blog ranking lifts up.
Policy Violation: If your blog or website contains illegal stuff like adult content, pirated software or any other copyright infringing content, then AdSense will never approve it. You need to carefully read and understand TOS disclosed by AdSense. In addition, always write a privacy policy page for your blog or website as AdSense needs you to disclose a privacy policy stating that you are storing cookies on user computers.
AdSense Says Not Enough Content: You can get AdSense for your blog after the number of posts reach above 15 or 20, but sometimes, AdSense says that your blog doesn’t have enough content even if you have dozen of posts. There are two reasons behind this. The first is poor site structure which prevents AdSense bots to crawl and grab maximum information about your website and the second reason is less text in posts.
Solution for the first reason is to improve site structure which I have discussed earlier. Build a good internal linking structure and a good navigation. Edit old posts, if necessary, to put internal links to fix the issue. If you believe that you have already a good site structure, then look if your posts are shorter than average. The more text is there in your posts, the easier it becomes to get AdSense and to lift up ranking in SERPs. If the text content is less, try writing lengthier articles (500+ words).
Organic Traffic: If you have performed above steps, then the last goal to be achieved is to improve your content’s ranking in SERPs. AdSense loves organic traffic. If your blog receives more number of visitors from other websites like Facebook and Twitter as referral traffic and less number of visitors are coming from search engines, then it gets hard to get AdSense.
To solve this, do some SEO for your content, bring organic traffic and then apply for AdSense. AdSense will never reject your blog and will stay with you in long run.
What Else to Be Considered? In addition to above discussed major considerations, you need to look for some minor things also which prevent AdSense from accepting your site in its program. These include the dynamic widgets (which load content from other websites), popups, iframes, other contextual ads and external links to illegal and poor stuff. Consider these also to ensure that everything is fine.
So if you are still confused on how to make your website or blog deserving for Google AdSense, contact me here. I’ll look over your website/blog and will let you know what needs to be improved so the AdSense approval will get easier. Remember once again that never pay anyone for getting a verified AdSense account which was approved any other website or blog. It will get disabled later when you will run it on a site which isn’t compatible with AdSense.
No SEO professional can be what they are without the tools that they use and there are plenty of tools out there. We can cover some of them here, but there are plenty others out there to be used and to be discovered so make sure that you can find the one that suits your needs best. There are plenty of different tools and even categories of tools, but by using these tools, you can certainly get a leg up on the competition and optimize your business’ site like a professional.seo-tools

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

In the form of one of the best free online applications that people new to SEO could possibly hope for, we have what has potential to be a paid tool, that is completely free. Created by the leader in Search Engine technology, you must be sure that this is an incredible tool that offers you plenty of ways to search for keywords. But wait, what does it actually do? It allows you to pick a keyword relevant to your site you and then find out how many searches it has around the world and locally to you. You can find multiple keywords at once and even put in your site to find the keywords that you should be or are targeting.


Excellent for beginners, this tool allows you to find out if you have been banned from Google and allows you to find out the pagerank that you are currently sitting at. This is great when being used for goal setting to find out where you currently sit and where you can go to next. However, the main use for it is to see how the competition stacks up. Whether you want to check out a single site or you want to check out plenty, you can upload a list of sites or type them in one by one to see where they stand and how long before you can overtake them.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another great Google tool that allows you to see where your customers are located and how you can appease those customers most. Whether your customer is based in a remote portion of Africa or your next door neighbor, you can find out where they are generally located and base your marketing strategy off of that. It also allows you to see your progress in terms of SEO with updated statistics every day with visitors and what is bringing them to your site.

Shared Count

Allowing you to see Social Media statistics for any site you enter into it, this online app is extremely easy to use and is a great way to check up on your competitors. It is extremely simple to use by simply typing in a URL and finding out all about it, you can make sure you know how your competitors are doing. It’s also fun to type in the top Social Media sites to see how they rank on their own site, but maybe that’s just me.


A service you might often find an email marketing consultant making use of, Boomerang allows you to do it yourself.  Notifying you of e-mails that you haven’t replied to and helping in the sending of large amounts of e-mails at a certain time. Allowing you to schedule when you send e-mails is one of the features Gmail hasn’t implemented yet, but Boomerang has you covered in this scenario. Also available for mobile, Boomerang offers plenty of features, including letting you know when people haven’t replied, gives you follow up reminders, and best of all for any of us, the ability to schedule the sending of an e-mail to suit the best time zone for your customers and visitors.

Google Webmaster Tools

One last Google tool, Webmaster Tools allows you to see when there is Malware on your site and makes sure that the bots are checking your site correctly making this an incredibly important tool in any arsenal. With plenty of other tools to make use of, I’ll let you explore these yourself, but making sure the bots are visiting and taking note of your site makes sure that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.
As I opened with, there are plenty of SEO tools, and all of these are free to be used, but there are also plenty of premium tools that you can make use of! So research, experiment and explore all your different options before you make a decision on which ones you would like to use.

A Guest Post by Bret – Bret knows everything there is to know about SEO, which is partly because he spends an unhealthy amount of time on the internet. He loves surfing the web so much that he decided to make a living off it and ended up reading and learning all there is to learn about various aspects of SEO.
I receive a lot of queries regarding withdrawing money via Payoneer MasterCard® and the users ask me about the banks in Pakistan where Payoneer or any other MasterCard® is supported. So I decided to write this post where I am listing the Pakistani banks where MasterCard® is supported at their ATMs. In addition, I’ll tell you about a method which will help you in finding any nearest MasterCard® supported ATM in your city or town. First lets have a look over the names of banks in Pakistan where MasterCard® is supported.

MasterCard® Supported Banks in Pakistan

1. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
I personally use ATM of MCB in my area as other supported banks aren’t available here in Gilgit city at the time of this publish. Although Faysal bank is operating but the ATM at Faysal bank gave me “General Processing Error” so MCB stands first in my list where you can withdraw money via MasterCard® without facing any issue.
2. Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank has a great banking system in Pakistan and other countries of the world and it also owns MasterCard® supporting ATMs. So if any branch of SCB is located nearer to you, you can withdraw money from there conveniently. AT ATMs of SCB, you can make large transactions too.
3. Citi Bank
Citi Bank also owns MasterCard® supported ATMs and you can use its ATMs also if any of above mentioned banks aren’t located nearer to you. I haven’t used ATMs at Citi Bank yet but they work and are used by Payoneer users in Pakistan.
4. Faysal Bank
Faysal Bank sits at bottom in my list as it ate up my $12 when I attempted to withdraw money through its ATM here in Gilgit. I tried three times but all the times, the ATM of Faysal Bank gave me “General Processing Error”. I failed to withdraw money but the withdrawal fee got deducted. I then used MCB’s ATM to make the transaction later.
So if Faysal bank is the only choice for you, ensure that you are at a main branch. If the transaction fails the first time, don’t try again as the withdrawal charges may deduct even on failed attempts like it happened with me.
How to Find Any Nearest MasterCard® Supported ATM?
To find a MasterCard® supported ATM near your residence, just visit MasterCard® Global ATM Locator page here and select country and city to view where the ATMs are located. You can filter the locations by ZIP code too which makes finding the ATMs easiest.
I hope now it will be easy for you to find a MasterCard® supported bank in Pakistan or any other country.
It seems that Google has enabled the editing of payee name again for all countries which was disabled for publishers in selected countries including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. While signing into my AdSense account this evening, I got a notification that AdSense interface has been upgraded. I then navigated through the improved sections of AdSense account and noticed that Payee name in my account was editable. It means that you can now change payee name for your AdSense account once again.
As I receive payments via Western Union, it may be applicable for this payment method only. In addition, Google has warned that payee name editing may cause delay in payments. So before editing your payee name, contact AdSense via their contact form and confirm either it is safe and okay and if it doesn’t create any serious issues. To check either payee name editing is available in your account or not, go to “Payment settings” section under “Payments” links in your AdSense account’s sidebar.
If Google has enabled it for all countries, then it is a very good news. But some issues may be created too including unethical buying and selling of AdSense accounts which was once extremely popular in Pakistan and India and Google cut it down by disabling the payee name editing in the countries where the business of buying and selling of AdSense account was at peak. Now let’s see what happens next.
Every blogger dreams to make Google love their blog and rank it among top SERP positions. If you are running a blog on WordPress.org, the best blogging tool ever, then you must install and use my chosen 5 SEO plugins which I have found as the best performing plugins among their categories in 2013 and all these plugins are active on my blog. Goodness of these plugins is, all are free and you don’t need to invest any money for improving your blog visibility in SERPs. Here is the list of my nominated top WordPress SEO tools in 2013.
1# Custom Permalinks Plugin
Over last couple of months, I have noticed that keywords in your post URL are the most powerful and effective in deciding your content’s ranking in SERPs. (SEO experts believe it for years :) ). So it is a very profitable idea to use your main keywords in post and page permalinks to construct a neat URL for gaining higher rankings. Beauty of Custom Permalinks Plugin is, it allows you to define any type of URL as permalink for your posts and pages.
You may ask, WordPress also allows you to edit the permalinks by default. I agree, but create a test post and try setting “wordpress.com-vs-blogger.com” as your post’s permalink. You will see that upon writing the permalink and pressing “Ok” button in post editor, WordPress will automatically remove the dot from in between of “wordpress.com” and “blogger.com” and the permalink will look like “wordpress-com-vs-blogger-com”. But Custom Permalinks plugin lets you write the permalink the way you like.
Now say there are two blogs with same ranking power and both have written a comparison post on WordPress.com and Blogger.com. Say one has set the permalink using Custom Permalinks plugin as “wordpress.com-vs-blogger.com” and second hasn’t used the plugin and the permalink at that blog post has structured as “wordpress-com-vs-blogger-com”. Do you know which blog will rank higher? Obviously the first one because it contains the exact match keywords in URL, because people search “wordpress.com vs blogger.com” in Google, not “wordpress-com vs blogger-com”.
I hope the example generated an idea in your mind, how Custom Permalinks plugin can help you in getting higher SERP rankings by defining super optimized permalinks for your blog posts.
2# WordPress SEO by Yoast
Everyone will recommend you Yoast as the best SEO plugin for WordPress blogs. The plugin lets you disable indexation of categories, tags, date and author based archives which eliminates the risk of duplicate content on your blog. By default, content under all taxonomies including categories and tags is indexed and single posts are indexed several times if taxonomy indexation is left enabled. Several beginner bloggers don’t know about it and their blogs lose ranking due to duplicate content issue.
WordPress SEO by Yoast lets you disable indexation of taxonomy based content which ensures that your blog doesn’t face duplicate content issue. In addition, the plugin enables Google Rich Snippets, rewrites post titles to make them SEO friendly and lets you write meta descriptions easily. The on-page SEO checking feature of the plugin helps you optimize your blog posts for search engines with ease. If you haven’t used the plugin before, read this tutorial to learn, how to best configure Yoast settings for its optimal performance.
3# Google XML Sitemaps
An XML sitemap helps Google in grabbing the maximum details about your blog’s content and you need to submit sitemap of your blog to Google and other search engines periodically to ensure that all allowed content is indexed by search engines. Google XML Sitemaps plugin is the best plugin for this purpose which has been rated 4.7/5 based on 3.5K+ ratings. The plugin is downloaded more than 1,106,923 times and is one of the oldest WordPress plugins being maintained and updated brilliantly by its developers.
Just install the plugin and forget about your blog’s XML sitemap submission. Google XML Sitemaps plugin will do the job regularly and silently.
4# WP Super Cache
Load speed of blogs is thought to be an influencing factor in SERP rankings as blogs with slower load time get higher bounce rate which results in rank drop. WP Super Cache plugin enables the caching of content for your WordPress blog which improves its speed, in turn its SERP ranking improves.
5# Comment Notifier
Comments contribute in improving your content’s SERP rankings and Comment Notifier plugin helps you bring more and more commentators to your blog posts. When a blog receives more comments, Google finds more and more content on the post and the regular addition of content in form of comments brings Google bot again and again to your blog. As a result, two benefits are achieved. First, your content gets indexed quickly and the second, its SERP rankings improve.
So to increase number of comments on your blog posts and for improving your content’s SERP rankings, you must install Comment Notifier plugin. This plugin will add a “Notify me when new comments are added.” check box below your blog’s comment form which will let commentators subscribe your blog post for comment updates. Although this can be achieved using JetPack by WordPress, but I will not recommend it as it slows down your blog.
So this was the list of my chosen 5 top SEO plugins for WordPress blogs in 2013. I hope you will also find these plugins working great like they are doing for me :)
Attention! I would like to mention that never disable or remove WordPress SEO by Yoast and Custom Permalinks plugin once after using them for optimizing your blog posts for a while, as plugin deactivation and removal may cause the custom permalinks and titles to revert to default.
Apart from verifying PayPal via Payoneer’s US Payment Service, you can lift the limits over your Skrill (MoneyBookers) account also by linking your Payoneer MasterCard with it. Below steps will guide you through the verification process on your Skrill account. Once your Skrill account gets verified, your withdrawal limits will be extended up to $3345.75 from $1338.30 which is allowed for unverified accounts.

Skrill Verification via Payoneer

  • Go to your Skrill (MoneyBookers) dashboard and press Settings button
  • Under Settings, go to ACCOUNT LIMITS section and click Increase limit link
  • The section will expand down and an option for linking debit/credit card will appear. Click Star verification link to link your Payoneer MasterCard
  • In the appeared window, provide your Payoneer MasterCard number and its expiration date. (Ensure that your name and address at Skrill account exactly matches with that of your details at Payoneer)
  • After entering the details, click Add card and continue option
  • Once the card is linked, again go to ACCOUNT LIMITS under Settings of your Skrill account and follow Increase limit link as you did earlier. After that, click Start verification option
  • A small popup window will appear asking you to provide the CVV/CVC code of your Payoneer MasterCard. You can find this (3 digit) code on back of your Payoneer card. (First 16 digits combination is your card number and last three digits are CVV/CVC code on back of your card)
  • Click Continue after providing the CVV code
Skrill will deduct a small amount of around $1 from your Payoneer MasterCard. Check your Payoneer account and confirm the deducted amount in Skrill. Once your will confirm the deducted amount in Skrill, your account will get verified. Now you can send or withdraw up to $3345.75/90 days from your Skrill (MoneyBookers) account.
Although the verification should complete without any issue, still if you are facing difficulties in verifying your Payoneer MasterCard, double check that your name is spelled exactly on both accounts and the address on both accounts also exactly match with each other. If still there are problems, you can ask me in comments. I’ll help you in verifying your Skrill account.
HostGator stands among the best hosting companies of the world and everyone dreams to host his site or blog with them. Sometimes, you face difficulties in paying the hosting chargess if you are in a country like Pakistan where PayPal is unsupported. A good news is that HostGator accepts payments via Western Union also and youcan pay HostGator from Pakistan or any other country where PayPal and credit cards aren’t available.
If you own a blog or a static website, then HostGator provides a brilliant WordPress hosting at very affordable prices. Not only WordPress blogs, all other sites are provided with a brilliant and reliable uptime and speed if they are hosted at HostGator. My own blog is hosted with them and I’m feeling great comfort with the hosting which HostGator has provided me.
So if your current host isn’t providing you with good features and you need unlimited space, bandwidth and other limitless hosting features at very affordable price starting at just $3.95/month, you should go for HostGator. Below, I have explained the procedure how to pay HostGator via Western Union money transfer service. By following below steps, you can get a brilliant hosting for your blog even if PayPal isn’t available in your country.
Please remember that handling the transfers from Western Union isn’t a comfortable way at all for both customers and the sellers. So before continuing to pay HostGator via Western Union, read below instructions very carefully and understand each and every step. Also provide them with only necessary information after sending the payment, otherwise they may get frustrated and may not accept the payment.

Paying HostGator via Western Union

To ensure that you easily get a hosting at HostGator by paying it through Western Union money transfer service, follow below instructions.
  • Visit HostGator signup link here or at bottom of this page and choose the hosting plan from the screen which suites for your website or blog
  • After choosing the plan and filling in details including your domain name and other, proceed to billing
  • Now in billing option, choose PayPal as your payment method
  • After choosing PayPal, select additional services if you need any and proceed to payout. Check for the billing period and other details also and select features wisely
  • Use supportive as coupon and click validate, it will give you up to 25% discount
  • Note down the amount needed to be paid  and then click Create Account option at bottom of the page
Now your account has been created. You can pay the charges via Western Union. Go to any nearest Western Union agent and then ask the local currency needed to be paid for the amount which you need to pay HostGator. After confirming the amount, provide following details of the recipient:
Scott Custen
11251 NW Freeway
Houston, TX 77092
United States of America
Once your payment is sent, get the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) from the agent and write an email to HostGator for payment confirmation. Send the email from the address which you have used on HostGator while signup. Copy below questions and paste them in your email. After that, write the answers and send the email at sales@hostgator.com. Write Western Union Payment Confirmation in subject and also write this at the beginning of the email. Here are the questions needed to be answered.
What is the Money Transfer Control Number? (MTCN)
What is the EXACT dollar amount sent?
What is the date that you sent the money?
What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is your middle name?
What is your telephone number?
What city is the money sent from?
What state is the money sent from?
What Country is the money sent from?
What is the domain name on your account?
Once your payment is verified, your account will get active. Now you can enjoy the brilliant and powerful hosting of HostGator for your website or blog. If you have any questions regarding this, you can ask me in comments.
If you have verified your PayPal account through Payoneer, then you should never link that account with eBay for withdrawing your money made through sales, as upon linking Payoneer verified PayPal accounts with eBay, the account turns unverified again and it may result in serious troubles. So if you are living in Pakistan or any other country, where PayPal isn’t supported, then you must take special care of your verified PayPal account to ensure that your hard earned money is always safe and sound.
What happens actually is, when you verify PayPal using Payoneer from any unsupported country, you need to register a fake address at PayPal. For normal bank account verification, the address isn’t verified, but when you try to link your PayPal with eBay, then the address needs to be verified and your PayPal account gets limited due to having a virtual bank account linked to it. So I would like to once again make this clear that you may lose money in Payoneer verified PayPal account if you try to link it with eBay.
In addition, never keep large amounts in PayPal as it is unpredictable and may limit your account anytime. So withdraw the money to Payoneer soon after you receive it in PayPal to prevent any possible financial lose. By taking special care of your PayPal account, you can prevent PayPal from snatching your hard earned money. Stay safe and sound!
If you belong to a PayPal unsupported country and want to get a verified PayPal account, you can get it done using Payoneer’s US Payment Service. To verify your PayPal account, you need a Payoneer account with US Payment Service enabled for it. If you still don’t have a Payoneer account, get a Payoneer account now. If you have already an approved Payoneer account, follow below steps to get your PayPal verified using Payoneer’s US Payment Service.

Verify PayPal Using Payoneer US Payment Service

  • Sign-in to your Payoneer account and navigate to US Payment Service under Receive Money tab
  • On US Payment Service page, scroll down to bottom where you will see the routing number and account number which US Payment Service has provided you
  • Note down these two numbers or let this page open and open your unverified PayPal account in another tab or window
  • In your PayPal dashboard, you will see the status of your account as “Unverfied“. Click “Get Verified” link
  • In next page, select “Add Bank Account” option and then provide the routing number and account number which you have noted from US Payment Service’s page in your Payoneer account and click “Continue
  • After linking your account number with PayPal, wait for 2 or 3 days
  • PayPal will make two test transactions to your Payoneer account within two or three days. You will receive an email notification from Payoneer when the test money is received in your account
  • Go to your Payoneer account and note down the two amounts which PayPal has sent you
  • Now go back to your PayPal account and again follow “Get Verified” link
  • In appeared screen, select “Confirm Bank Account” option
  • Enter the test amounts which PayPal has sent on your Payoneer account and click “Submit
Now your PayPal account is verified. To take advantage of full features of PayPal, don’t forget to link your Payoneer Mastercard with your PayPal account. Before linking the card, ensure that your Payoneer card has a few dollars ($4-$5) loaded to it. Otherwise you will fail to link the card as PayPal deducts a small test amount from the card while linking process.
Have you got any questions regarding verifying your PayPal through Payoneer’s US Payment Service? Ask below in comments.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013



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That’s all [IMG] Hope I helped you guys. By the way, the coupon codes are not convertible to cash. You can just use them to buy services on SEOClerks.


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