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Thursday, 31 October 2013

If you have verified your PayPal account through Payoneer, then you should never link that account with eBay for withdrawing your money made through sales, as upon linking Payoneer verified PayPal accounts with eBay, the account turns unverified again and it may result in serious troubles. So if you are living in Pakistan or any other country, where PayPal isn’t supported, then you must take special care of your verified PayPal account to ensure that your hard earned money is always safe and sound.
What happens actually is, when you verify PayPal using Payoneer from any unsupported country, you need to register a fake address at PayPal. For normal bank account verification, the address isn’t verified, but when you try to link your PayPal with eBay, then the address needs to be verified and your PayPal account gets limited due to having a virtual bank account linked to it. So I would like to once again make this clear that you may lose money in Payoneer verified PayPal account if you try to link it with eBay.
In addition, never keep large amounts in PayPal as it is unpredictable and may limit your account anytime. So withdraw the money to Payoneer soon after you receive it in PayPal to prevent any possible financial lose. By taking special care of your PayPal account, you can prevent PayPal from snatching your hard earned money. Stay safe and sound!


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