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Thursday, 31 October 2013

No SEO professional can be what they are without the tools that they use and there are plenty of tools out there. We can cover some of them here, but there are plenty others out there to be used and to be discovered so make sure that you can find the one that suits your needs best. There are plenty of different tools and even categories of tools, but by using these tools, you can certainly get a leg up on the competition and optimize your business’ site like a professional.seo-tools

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

In the form of one of the best free online applications that people new to SEO could possibly hope for, we have what has potential to be a paid tool, that is completely free. Created by the leader in Search Engine technology, you must be sure that this is an incredible tool that offers you plenty of ways to search for keywords. But wait, what does it actually do? It allows you to pick a keyword relevant to your site you and then find out how many searches it has around the world and locally to you. You can find multiple keywords at once and even put in your site to find the keywords that you should be or are targeting.


Excellent for beginners, this tool allows you to find out if you have been banned from Google and allows you to find out the pagerank that you are currently sitting at. This is great when being used for goal setting to find out where you currently sit and where you can go to next. However, the main use for it is to see how the competition stacks up. Whether you want to check out a single site or you want to check out plenty, you can upload a list of sites or type them in one by one to see where they stand and how long before you can overtake them.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another great Google tool that allows you to see where your customers are located and how you can appease those customers most. Whether your customer is based in a remote portion of Africa or your next door neighbor, you can find out where they are generally located and base your marketing strategy off of that. It also allows you to see your progress in terms of SEO with updated statistics every day with visitors and what is bringing them to your site.

Shared Count

Allowing you to see Social Media statistics for any site you enter into it, this online app is extremely easy to use and is a great way to check up on your competitors. It is extremely simple to use by simply typing in a URL and finding out all about it, you can make sure you know how your competitors are doing. It’s also fun to type in the top Social Media sites to see how they rank on their own site, but maybe that’s just me.


A service you might often find an email marketing consultant making use of, Boomerang allows you to do it yourself.  Notifying you of e-mails that you haven’t replied to and helping in the sending of large amounts of e-mails at a certain time. Allowing you to schedule when you send e-mails is one of the features Gmail hasn’t implemented yet, but Boomerang has you covered in this scenario. Also available for mobile, Boomerang offers plenty of features, including letting you know when people haven’t replied, gives you follow up reminders, and best of all for any of us, the ability to schedule the sending of an e-mail to suit the best time zone for your customers and visitors.

Google Webmaster Tools

One last Google tool, Webmaster Tools allows you to see when there is Malware on your site and makes sure that the bots are checking your site correctly making this an incredibly important tool in any arsenal. With plenty of other tools to make use of, I’ll let you explore these yourself, but making sure the bots are visiting and taking note of your site makes sure that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.
As I opened with, there are plenty of SEO tools, and all of these are free to be used, but there are also plenty of premium tools that you can make use of! So research, experiment and explore all your different options before you make a decision on which ones you would like to use.

A Guest Post by Bret – Bret knows everything there is to know about SEO, which is partly because he spends an unhealthy amount of time on the internet. He loves surfing the web so much that he decided to make a living off it and ended up reading and learning all there is to learn about various aspects of SEO.


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