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Thursday, 31 October 2013

It seems that Google has enabled the editing of payee name again for all countries which was disabled for publishers in selected countries including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. While signing into my AdSense account this evening, I got a notification that AdSense interface has been upgraded. I then navigated through the improved sections of AdSense account and noticed that Payee name in my account was editable. It means that you can now change payee name for your AdSense account once again.
As I receive payments via Western Union, it may be applicable for this payment method only. In addition, Google has warned that payee name editing may cause delay in payments. So before editing your payee name, contact AdSense via their contact form and confirm either it is safe and okay and if it doesn’t create any serious issues. To check either payee name editing is available in your account or not, go to “Payment settings” section under “Payments” links in your AdSense account’s sidebar.
If Google has enabled it for all countries, then it is a very good news. But some issues may be created too including unethical buying and selling of AdSense accounts which was once extremely popular in Pakistan and India and Google cut it down by disabling the payee name editing in the countries where the business of buying and selling of AdSense account was at peak. Now let’s see what happens next.


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